Teacher Grant Guidelines


  • The Mamaroneck Schools Foundation (MSF) accepts grant applications from District staff to fund projects and initiatives that will enhance the quality of education in our schools. 



  • All grant applications require one applicant and at least one co-applicant, both of whom must be District employees.  Providing the information requested on the application in a thorough and thoughtful manner allows MSF’s Grant Selection Committee (GSC) to properly consider each request. 


  • Individual grants typically range from $1,000 to $50,000, though grants will be considered outside of this range. 




 Before submitting an application, please be aware that MSF does not fund:


  • Items that are commonly within the scope of the regular operating budget of the District, including salaries.


  • Refreshments for events and programs.




All grant applications must be reviewed and approved by your school principal or appropriate District-level supervisor prior to submission. The following additional approvals are required prior to submission: 


  • All grants requiring facility modifications must be reviewed and approved by the District’s Director of Facilities.


  • All grants with a technology component must be reviewed and approved by an Instructional Technology Coach to be sure that (i) classrooms can accommodate the technology, (ii) all peripheral components have been included (i.e. power cords, surge protectors, carts, converters, mounting equipment, etc.), and (iii) requests are consistent with District technology goals. 


  • All grants for professional development (e.g., conferences, consultants) or for teaching tools (e.g., instructional software, assessments) must be reviewed and approved by the Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum and Instruction.


Where there is any doubt about the viability of a grant, or when the application is “significant” (i.e. would impact an entire grade level, require follow-up purchases for other classrooms or grades at a later date, or result in potential upkeep and maintenance for the District), please discuss your grant application with either the District Superintendent or Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum and Instruction prior to submission.



  • MSF requires one well-vetted, cost-effective price quote per grant application.  However, if your grant application includes any one item that exceeds $10,000, please contact Lauren Leone, District Purchasing Agent, prior to submitting your budget, to ensure that your grant, if awarded, can be fulfilled in a timely fashion in accordance with District purchasing policies.  Technology must be ordered through the New York State Department of Education approved price list.


  • All price quotes must include appropriate shipping costs. Check with the vendor if this information is not clearly indicated on your price quote.



  • When obtaining price quotes, every effort should be made to request that price quotes remain valid through July of the following year.





If your grant proposal includes professional development or staff training, the following costs must be included, if applicable:


  • Trainer/consultant costs (include daily or flat rate).


  • Reimbursement costs for each District employee if training will occur outside of contractual hours.


  • Travel expenses for District staff or consultant/trainer traveling to the District.


  • Substitute teacher cost (if training is to take place during school hours). 



NOTE: Current staff development reimbursement costs should be budgeted at $300/day. This rate includes the approved daily teacher reimbursement as well the cost to the District for benefits (Social Security, Medicare, and TRS pension rates). Substitute teachers should be budgeted at $120/day.  These rates may be updated during the grant process if allowable contractual rates increase.




Completed applications must be submitted by November 15th at 5PM.  If you believe that additional information would benefit the GSC, please provide a URL (where possible) or attachment.




The grant review process takes place from November through March. During this process, one GSC member will be assigned to each application.  The liaison may contact the applicant by email or phone to discuss the application, request clarification, or ask for a modification to the original grant request.  Timely responses to these inquiries are appreciated.


In March, the GSC presents its proposed slate of grants to MSF’s Board of Directors for approval.  Applicants will be notified if their application has been approved following the Board vote. The slate of grants is then presented to the District’s Board of Education for adoption.  After approval, the liaison will contact the grantee to start preparing a grant contract. In April, funds are transferred from MSF to the District, which will then be responsible for administration of the grant funds. Grant implementation cannot begin until this has occurred and a contract has been signed, typically in early April.




  • Sign and fulfill a grant contract, which is a three-way agreement between MSF, the grant recipient and the District. Grants funds must be spent in accordance with the approved budget defined in the contract, unless prior approval from MSF has been provided.


  • Any unused funds must be returned to MSF. 


  • Submit progress reports on the grant in December and June.


  • Assist MSF in its efforts to publicize the grants.

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