Here are recent grant hightlights, visit the Grants By Year page for a full listing of Foundation grants awarded.

Mamaroneck High School is First Public High School in NY to Install Four Beehives on Campus

Through a grant awarded by the Mamaroneck Schools Foundation, several departments at MHS have collaborated to install and maintain four beehives on the high school grounds as part of an authentic learning project.  Engineering students built and painted the hives, and the Culinary Arts students are using the honey in class for recipes the students are working on (in addition to bottling up the excess honey and using as a fundraiser).  Thanks to Biology Teacher Cathy O'Reilly, Culinary Arts teacher Bryan Luff, and Engineering/Robotics Teacher Jim Love for spearheading this interdisciplinary endeavor.

"As teachers, we know there is no better way to learn than to be doing something that is exciting and relevant.  With so many stories about the decline of honey bee populations around the world, I knew this would be a great project," Ms. O'Reilly said.  "Some of the more interesting topics we aim to study are:  The physics behind their flight and their famous 'waggle dance'; the intriguing geometry behind honeycomb shapes; the historical importance of honey in most societies and the epigenetics behind three types of bees from one DNA."

Virtual Reality Classroom at Hommocks through Google Expedition

This grant for Hommocks allowed for the purchase of 105 Virtual Reality Google Expedition headsets with iPod touches

to be used as a teaching tool that immerses students in“trips” all over the world, like voyages to outer space, deep see diving, and visits to historical landmarks. The expeditions are led by the teacher while students access the scene by wearing the headsets. The Google Expeditions will be aligned to current curriculum content allowing teachers to integrate these experiences in their current unit of study, while providing authentic learning experiences. The grant allows for the purchase of four class sets that can be shared by all grade levels and departments, including “core” and “encore” classes.

Murray Meadow: A Center for Learning and Exploration

 The Murray Meadow is an outdoor learning space with several components, including a pollinator garden, migratory bird habitat, theater-like seating, compost area, and greenhouse extension. The Murray Meadow will provide a crosscurricular learning experience for students in all grades, and will be used for science exploration (life cycles, bird studies, etc.), geography, writing and music presentations, and health and wellness initiatives. 

MHS Robotics team takes 3rd place in competition!

With new tools, equipment and components, the MHS robotics students competed at the First Tech Challenge (Velocity Vortex) and in the MATE competition. In the MATE regionals they came in 3rd overall and were awarded best newcomer team! MSF funded the grant to expand the robotics program at MHS, by providing the equipment and tools needed to build better, more advanced robots for FTC and other competitions as well as for use in special projects in the engineering, robotics and computer sciences courses at MHS. Items provided by this grant included a robot kit, laptop computer, tools to build the robots, as well as workbenches, stools and a storage cabinet. 

Drones come to Hommocks!

The Hommocks drone project is "off the ground"! Thanks to the Mamaroneck Schools Foundation (which provided the initial funding for the drones), Hommocks students in 6th, 7th and 8th grades learned about the engineer design process in technology classes taught by Mr. Ron Nobles, and Mrs. Grace Brew. Students worked in groups to problem solve, brainstorm, design and test their personal drones. They learned about soldering, circuitry, 3-D printing and the nuances of controlling the drones in flight and landing. “This is a one of a kind curriculum in New York State, where students are creating and building their very own drones from pieces rather than a kit," Mr. Nobles said. Next school year (2017-2018), 7th grade students will create their own drones, while the incoming 8th graders will be working with Parrot drones to expand their overall education and experience. Mrs. Brew and Mr. Nobles will collaborate with the art department and Principles in Design classes to edit future videos and the E-Music classes to produce music that will be captured with the Parrot drone cameras. "Drones are a part of everyday life for students. Students have their own personal drones at home, and they are very common in today's television programming and in documentaries.  It is only natural that we continue to teach what is current and interesting to our students in our technology classes," Mrs. Brew said. "We strive to keep students engaged and involved with tangible hands-on classroom experiences."

Science Partnership with Otter Creek Preserve and Greenhouse Design

This exciting new grant allows for a sustainable science program through the support of a partnership between the

Otter Creek Preserve and Mamaroneck Avenue School. Over a three-year period, students will raise native plants for reforestation at Otter Creek Preserve while learning about botany, ecology and sustainability. The funding will be used to purchase the material and equipment needed to grow the plants and provide field trips to Otter Creek so that students can install their plan and participate in guided walks.This grant will also fund architectural designs (required by the NY State Education Department) for a proposed greenhouse that will benefit future programs and learning for students at MAS.

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At Mamaroneck High School:

  • New spectrophotometers and optical fibers for the Chemistry and Biology departments;

  • Provided seed money for the creation of a new culinary pathway now in place;

  • Author visits by E. Lockhart, Sam Kean, and Sonia Nazario;

  • 3D printer and scanners in our engineering, robotics, architecture and digital graphics classes, continuing our support of STEM initiatives;

  • Support for all 11th graders to see "Hamilton" on Broadway as part of American History and English class studies;

  • A sprung dancefloor for the PACE program;

  • An Art installation comprising 126 student works linking the Palmer and Post building;  


At Hommocks Middle School:

  • A virtual language laboratory, providing 8th graders with headsets for the iPads;

  • The "Rocket" composter;

  • New equipment and supplies for the Hommocks Greenhouse, itself originally funded by MSF;

  • A state-of-the-art music studio providing professional recording, editing and publishing capabilities;

  • Two Apple TV units with 55" monitors to allow the P.E. teachers to demonstrate skills for students;

  • New sofas, bulletin boards and mobile art display towers for the Commons;

  • Netbooks and e-books for the Hommocks library, greatly increasing access to digital resources for students and teachers alike;


At the Elementary Schools:

  • A host of rich e-books highlighting the history of New York for 4th grade social studies;

  • Language Comprehension training, books and materials;

  • Math enrichment professional development for all elementary school teachers;

  • New therapeutic learning centers

  • Ukuleles!  A fresh new music experience that will echo across the schools (district-wide);

  • New water bottle-filling stations (district-wide)

  • AND MUCH MORE!  Click on the Grants By Year page to read in detail.



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