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The Mamaroneck Schools Foundation has approved funding of the following slate of 4 grants for the 2021-2022 school year. The grants, which total $136,915 will have an impact on the entire community.

ExploreLearning Gizmos at Hommocks

Grantee: Stefan Birek, Jessica Gordon

ExploreLearning Gizmos is an online library of interactive science simulations supporting the latest educational standards and assessments. This grant will provide the Hommocks Science Department funding for a 15-month license to ExploreLearning Gizmos for all Hommocks students. Teachers and students will use this database of virtual experiments to support "hands-on" lab activities. It will be used in the classroom, and will enable ongoing exploration and reinforcement of learned scientific concepts at home.


Enhancing Critical Consciousness Through Teacher Professional Development at Mamaroneck Ave. School

Grantees:  Neill Alleva, Judy Ravina

Consultant-scholar Dr. José Medina's work centers on the pillars of dual language, with one of those pillars being the development of a critical consciousness. This grant will fund six hours of professional development that will allow all MAS teachers, not just those affiliated with the Dos Caminos Program, to develop pedagogical skills that directly impact emergent bilingual learners. This grant is being funded by the Barbara Bennett-Rones Memorial Endowment.


STEAM CoLab Equipment at Mamaroneck High School

Grantees: Robert Hohn, Robert Shaps


The District is in the process of designing a STEAM CoLab at MHS to serve as a collaborative space for multidisciplinary teaching and learning. This grant will fund equipment for the CoLab for use in computer science, engineering, architecture, design, and other classes and clubs that involve design thinking and prototyping. Specifically, the grant will fund the purchase of four major pieces of equipment: Form 3L SLA resin printer/prototyper, Fusion Pro 48 Laser Cutter, CNC Machine, and a Plasma Cutter. In addition, the equipment will be used in Collaborative Design Lab, an advanced course for juniors and seniors, to support collaborative group work, think tank brainstorming, research, hands-on labs, prototyping, and design analysis.


Social Justice Pedagogy - Building Interconnectedness and Empathy Through Literature  at Murray Ave. School                         
Grantees: Matthew Porricelli, Lorraine Magee, Jackie Scotto

During the 2021–2022 school year, this schoolwide social justice curriculum will use anti-bias literature to guide conversations among students and staff about inequity, diversity, identity, and discrimination.  The grant will provide every classroom with a social justice “kit” that includes one children’s book per month throughout the school year that explores a different social justice concept as well as corresponding discussion questions and activities.  The grant also will fund a quarterly book club experience for all staff.  Additionally, each month the school will celebrate the program by highlighting that month’s book in the Weekly Recap, along with student reflections. The overall curriculum goal is twofold: (1) for students to expand social awareness in a comfortable, safe space and understand their role in helping to dismantle social injustices and inequities in our own community; and (2) for teachers to gain new perspectives and an anti-bias lens through which to view and apply to their teaching and learning practices. This grant is being partially funded by the Diane G. Millstein Endowment.

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