Student Grants Awarded

Mamaroneck Schools Foundation (MSF) is proud to announce our student grants awarded for 2022. We awarded 9 grants totaling $8,239.

Mamaroneck Schools Foundation

2021-2022 Slate of Student Grants 

Mamaroneck Public Radio

Grantees: Anna McDonald, Caitlyn Carpenter, Fatimah Khan, Todd Freifeld

Faculty Sponsor: Evan Madin

Mamaroneck Public Radio is a student-led, internet-based radio station. Building on MHS’s history of creating engaging podcasts, this grant will help fund the production, programming, and hosting of radio shows. Students will learn valuable skills unique to radio broadcasting as they use this new medium for sharing news and other content relevant to the MHS community.

“Dr. Wellcare is Always There” Puppet Show

Grantee: Jarvis Savage

Faculty Sponsor: Miriam Murphy

“Dr. Wellcare is Always There” is a series of three puppet shows written and performed by an MHS student meant to educate elementary-aged children about health and medicine in a fun and engaging way. Three classes at Central have had the opportunity to watch performances over Zoom and given rave reviews! This grant will fund diverse puppets and theater supplies for a more robust show experience with the goal of performing the shows for all Kindergarten through Fourth Graders within the District.

OCRA Wage Theft Prevention Initiative

Grantees: Benjamin Kulish, Léa Barry-Thouez, Jack Master

Faculty Sponsor: Joseph Liberti

This OCRA group will promote the Westchester District Attorney's Office wage theft hotline to increase the number of workers who receive the full amount of money that they earned. The grant funds signage and refrigerator magnets to support a large-scale outreach initiative in Mamaroneck. 

OCRA Targeted Book Access

Grantees: Luca Giobbio, Eli Tannenbaum, Griffin McIntyre

Faculty Sponsor: Joseph Liberti

This OCRA initiative aims to increase access to books in targeted areas that have significant numbers of students in Grades 3-5 scoring below grade level in reading. The grant will fund materials to build a tiny free library to be placed in a public location. The OCRA group will coordinate closely with the community in the design and placement of the library. 


Women’s Engineering Mentoring

Grantee: Sarah Lord

Faculty Sponsor: James Love III

Members from the Women’s Engineering Club at MHS will hold an outreach event after school hours at Hommocks Middle School to increase awareness of the engineering process and interest in the MHS engineering elective. Eighth grade girls will work in groups of 3-5 to design a bridge using basic materials. Members of the Engineering Club will offer instruction and mentorship. The grant money will fund the building materials.  

First Gen Motivational Speakers

Grantee:  Melissa Barrios

Faculty Sponsor Name:  Gregory Cuddy (previously Leave Replacement Jenna Perez)

This grant will provide funding for a speaker to present on high school and college readiness for First Generation students. The goal is to encourage First Generation students to engage more deeply with the school community, to appreciate how education can positively impact their future, and to offer a positive role model who has overcome typical challenges faced by First Generation students. The primary audience is Hommocks and MHS students new to the district from Latin America, but other students will be invited to attend as well. 

Mamaroneck Laundromat Libraries

Grantee: Robert De Jager

Faculty Sponsor: Holly Filardi

This student-led initiative is focused on providing families access to board books and K-5 books at three local laundromats in Mamaroneck: EZ Laundry Stop, Wash & Dry, and Prospect Laundry. Funds will enable the grantee to purchase multi-lingual new and used books, bins, and boxes as well as to create multi-lingual signage.  The grantee will hold book drives with the MHS Literacy Club to continue to stock laundromat libraries.

OCRA Backyard Dinner and a Movie Nights

Grantees:  Charles Dirs, Kyle Rozanes, Church Moore

Faculty Sponsor:  Joseph Liberti

Throughout spring and summer weekend evenings, OCRA students will enrich the community by offering backyard film screenings that support the Community Resource Center (CRC), as well as local restaurants.  Families hosting screenings will be asked to donate a minimum of $100 to support the CRC as well as encouraged to order dinner from a local restaurant to support local businesses.  This grant will provide funding for screening equipment that will allow students to double their booking capacity.  Increasing the number of screenings will boost CRC donations and further help restaurateurs, many of whom have struggled during the pandemic.

From a Whisper to a Rallying Cry: The Killing of Vincent Chin and the Trial that Galvanized the Asian American Movement Author Visit with Paula Yoo

Grantee:  Robert De Jager 

Faculty Sponsor:  Craig Goldberg

During Asian American/Pacific Islander Heritage Month (Spring 2022), MHS will host a discussion with acclaimed author, Paula Yoo, for Juniors and other interested students.  From a Whisper to a Rallying Cry documents the story of Vincent Chen and the role his death played in the Asian American and Pacific Islander community and civil rights history.  Among other awards, this book was selected for the May 2022 National Education Association’s Read Across America, as well as selected by The Washington Post and the New York Public Library as one of the Best Children’s Books of 2021.  The Mamaroneck Public Library will co-sponsor the event, which will be livestreamed on Zoom for the community and recorded for future use.  The grant will provide an honorarium, travel expenses (if in-person),  and copies of the book for the MHS library. 

Mamaroneck Schools Foundation

2020-2021 Slate of Student Grants

Green Mamaroneck App by OCRA

Grantee: Alex Boswell, Ryan Mcintyre, Charlie Kaldor and Dylan Roy

Faculty Co-Sponsor: Joseph Liberti

This grant will provide OCRA funding to create a sustainable “Green Mamaroneck” app.  This app will serve the public in two ways. First, it will consolidate and make information accessible about community-wide green efforts, as well as raise awareness about why these actions are important.  Additionally, it will help users easily and immediately take action by providing steps for implementing these green undertakings.  The grant will fund two years of a Google Glide Pro-App software subscription to build the app in early 2021 in preparation for a town-wide launch in late spring 2021. Thereafter, Mamaroneck’s Sustainability Collaborative will take full responsibility for funding and managing the app to help our local community reduce its environmental impact for years to come.


OCRA Extracurricular Opportunities App

Grantee: Tristan Lee, Sofia De Chiara and Nathaniel Reynoso

Faculty Co-Sponsor: Joseph Liberti

This grant will provide OCRA funding to create a new app, which will be used by the organization and for Mamaroneck School District social workers to increase access to extracurricular activities for all students in our community. The app will ease the placement of Learning Link Advocacy Group K-5 students in local after-school extracurricular programs.  The app will provide a central platform for businesses to share their space availability, and enable social workers to more easily match students with experiences relevant for them. The grant will fund a two-year subscription to Google Glide Pro-App software. App development will begin in early 2021 and launch in the spring. OCRA will maintain the app beyond the grant period to promote equitable access to extracurricular opportunities in the long-term.


The "Learn What I Do” Speaker Series

Grantee: Shawn Rosenblatt

Faculty Co-Sponsor: Greg Cuddy

Beginning in spring 2021, the "Learn What I Do” speaker series will expose students to different career options, as well as to the knowledge, skills, and experiences that prepare them for that work. Parents and other professionals in our community will offer pro-bono, Zoom-based presentations in which they integrate personal experiences, instruction, and guidance for pursuing a range of careers. The grant will fund marketing materials to raise awareness of the speaker series among potential speakers and students. Video presentations will be recorded and housed on the MHS website for future use.


Specialty Microphones to Bring Music Outdoors

Grantee: Abby Tucker

Faculty Co-Sponsor: Dina Madden

COVID-19 has brought challenges to the music department and to our music-loving MHS community overall. During this period, rehearsals and performances can only happen in large, outdoor spaces where students can remain socially distant. For this to happen effectively, there’s an immediate need for microphones that are specially designed to pick up sound at a distance. This grant will provide funding for two stereo microphones for use during outdoor performances, as well as during band, orchestra, and choral classes. These microphones will continue to be used after the pandemic to extend rehearsals and performances beyond the confines of the classroom.


Multicultural Student Union Website

Grantee: Jacinta Smith, Emilia Pantigoso

Faculty Co-Sponsor: Aaron Shansky

The Multicultural Student Union is an active student group at MHS that seeks to support and increase opportunities for BIOPIC and minority students, while also raising awareness of and celebrating the diversity of cultures throughout the school.  The group has an active website that provides information on community programs, volunteer opportunities, colleges and scholarship opportunities, and more. With this grant, the Multicultural Student Union will purchase a domain and increased storage for the website, increasing the site’s functionality, flexibility, and value to users.


Multicultural Student Union Posters

Grantee:  Jacinta Smith, Emilia Pantigoso

Faculty Co-Sponsor:  Ashley Martinez

The Multicultural Student Union at MHS is committed to nurturing multiracial, multiethnic, and multicultural conversations at the high school, while also acknowledging the rich heritages of the student body and celebrating high-achieving minority thinkers and activists. To this end, this grant will fund the development and purchase of posters for five different heritage/identity months between November and June of the next school year:  Asian Pacific Islander heritage month, LGBTQ month, African American History Month, Native American/Indigenous people’s month, and Women’s History month. Twenty posters will be created for each month featuring notable people, events, and cultural touchstones.  Posters will be made of vinyl so that they will last for use over multiple years. 

MHS Community Gallery

Grantee: Anna Robarts

Faculty Co-Sponsor: Gwynne Bettencourt

Celebrating the diversity of the MHS community, this grant will fund the development of The MHS Community Gallery. It will consist of 9 video screens in a grid-like installation that is similar to photo installations currently adorning school walls. The video screens will feature portraits of students, teachers, and staff, as well as artwork and performance pieces -- highlighting not just the diversity of our student body but also the diversity of talent that helps define our community. The content will change over time, keeping the gallery fresh and engaging.


Mamaroneck Schools Foundation
2019-2020 Slate of Student Grants 

The Portrait Project
Grantees: Anna Robarts, Grade 10
Faculty Co-Sponsor:  Gwynne Bettencourt

The Portrait Project will provide no-cost family portraits to low-income families in our community and will provide MHS photography students in the Photo & Design Club with the opportunity to give back to their community and learn valuable skills related to portraiture.  Through the grant, MHS student photographers will conduct portrait sessions with 25 local families, identified and invited to participate in this activity in consultation with District social workers.  Each family will receive two prints framed in 8”x11” and 5”x7” frames, with the goal of implementing this project and providing the photos in time for the holiday season 2019.  The grant will provide the photo paper, ink and frames necessary, as well as a camera that will be used for this project and for other community/school projects undertaken by the more than 250 students in the Photo & Design Club.

Meet the Elected Officials
Grantees: Tess Lepelstat, Grade 11
Faculty Co-Sponsor:  Carol Scheffler

Now in its second year, the Meet the Elected Officials Club continues to be made up of student activists from the Young Democrats, Young Republicans, Young Socialists of America Clubs, Model Congress and the Original Civic Research and Action (OCRA) who are interested in learning about local politics in a bipartisan manner.  This grant provides four opportunities for the club to host prominent elected officials during lunctime and provide lunch for the students and speakers, as well as funds to promote the club and its events.  Through these meetings, students will hear firsthand specifics from the elected representatives about their positions, the platforms they wish to achieve, as well as have a chance to as questions and discuss local issues.  The Meet the Elected Officials Club lunch meetings directly support rising youth activism throughout the country, as well as the efforts of MHS’s many political organizations and the AP Government class.

OCRA Communication Initiative
Grantees: Sydney Grodin, Halle Myers, Calie Harwin, Kate Coughlin, Jacobi Kandel, Samantha Murabito, Grade 11
Faculty Co-Sponsor:  Joseph Liberti

After 4 years of fostering civic engagement, the OCRA group at MHS has turned its attention to improving information flow between local government and the Larchmont community. With funding from MSF, the group will purchase software to build an app to increase residents’ awareness of village events, and to foster an enhanced sense of community by improving communication between the municipality and its residents. Development of the app will begin early in 2020 in preparation to launch the app in spring, 2020. The grant will cover two years of funding, but the app will remain available to continue benefiting the community for years to come. This is a pilot project that can be scaled up to include other municipalities in the future. 

Mamaroneck Aeronautics and Rocketry Society
Grantees: Francisco Ferrisi,Nishan Grandhi, Grade 12
Faculty Co-Sponsor:  Craig Romanek

“M.A.R.S.” is a group of MHS students that use math, physics, computer programs, problem solving and hands on model building to design and launch rockets.  This grant will supply components and motors so M.A.R.S. can design and build a rocket and a back-up copy to be used to compete in the 2020 Team America Rocketry Challenge. Last year M.A.R.S. made it to the state level, but are hoping to clench nationals this year!

Reader’s Rise!
Grantees: Sophie Bulova, Grade 11
Faculty Co-Sponsor:  Hannah Krafchick

This grant aims to foster a lifelong passion for reading among 4th grade students throughout the district. Each 4th grade classroom will receive several copies of a book to be chosen by the grantee and her faculty sponsor. In classrooms that opt in, the grantee will visit to read and discuss the book, reflect on the importance of reading, and offer strategies to optimize students’ enjoyment while they read.  

Behind the Scenes Communication
Grantees: Jerry Orans, Grade 10
Faculty Co-Sponsor:  Elise Gellert

This grant will provide the theater department at MHS with a 6-unit, fully portable single ear headset and microphone system to facilitate smooth and close communication among the key players behind the scenes. Seamless communication during a show among the stage managers, director, lighting/sound operators, and the pit directors is critical to a show’s success. This grant will give our MHS theater students experience with state of the art, professional equipment that is used in theaters all over the world. The portability of the equipment allows it to be easily shared between the mainstage theater productions and the PACE program.

Display FBLA
Grantee: Dana Cohen, Grade 11
Faculty Co-Sponsor:  Maria Siciliano

The mission of the Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) is to inspire and prepare students to become community-minded business leaders through relevant career preparation and leadership experiences.  Throughout its years, MHS’s FBLA members have participated in leadership development programs at the state, regional and national levels where members participate in workshops, seminars and academic competitions, demonstrating their business knowledge and skills.  The FBLA Club at MHS has been recognized for its outstanding accomplishments through its receipt of countless awards.  This grant allows FBLA members to promote the club and showcase the students’ hard work by featuring their well-earned awards in a display case outside of the FBLA classroom.  One of FBLA’s goals is to strengthen students’ confidence in themselves and their work; placing the awards in a more visible and aesthetically pleasing space will both remind students of their great efforts and encourage them to continue developing worthwhile projects that improve the community and help make the world a better place for all - another FBLA goal.


Mamaroneck Schools Foundation

2018-2019 Student-Initiated Grants Awarded:


New for 2018, the Mamaroneck Schools Foundation (MSF)  launched a pilot, student-led grant initiative that invites students to apply for grant funding for inventive, leading-edge proposals that will complement District-sponsored programs.

This year, nine new grants, totaling $10,000, were awarded to students at Mamaroneck High School; students in grades 10-12 were invited to apply for grants to be implemented at MHS, Hommocks, or any of the district elementary schools.  

Adaptive Culinary Equipment

Grantees: Jack Lambert, Debbie Margolis, Lorena Paras, Grade 12

Faculty Co-Sponsor:  Bryan Luff

This grant will provide adaptive equipment for the Culinary Arts program so that students with special needs are able to prepare food independently. With this equipment, students will become more competent and comfortable, with the eventual goal of working with non-adaptive equipment. In applying for the grant, one of the grantees’ goals is to encourage more students with limitations who are concerned about safety to enroll in the Culinary Arts elective.


Diversity Today: Starting Conversations, Building Understanding

Grantees: Yasmine Arnwine, Brianna Cisneros, Leah Richard, Grade 12

Faculty Co-Sponsor:  Shannon Porter

The Multicultural Club has initiated a three-part program entitled, “This is America: Race Today” with the goal of starting conversations about race and diversity within the MHS community. This grant will include a performance at the MLK Day Assembly by Epic Theater, an ensemble of youth performers who use theater as a platform to promote social justice. The second step will occur over Winter Break, when the club will host a retreat for students and members of Epic to explore topics of diversity further and create a small theatrical vignette. Finally, the students will perform the vignette in a variety of settings throughout the District with the intention of heightening understanding and promoting honest conversations about race.

Community Outreach Through Lacrosse

Grantees: Cole Lovejoy, Robby Lundberg, Grade 11

Faculty Co-Sponsor:  Robert Rainaldi

After learning that some kids do not have access to after-school sports, MHS students came together to provide this opportunity by offering 8 week lacrosse clinics— including supplies, equipment, field space and coaches (MHS students).  Each Saturday morning, 3rd-6th grade boys and girls in East Harlem meet with MHS students to learn the game of lacrosse, build self-confidence and be part of a team.  In turn, MHS students gain leadership experience through organizing, coaching and mentoring. This grant supplements the field space and supply needs to provide this opportunity to a larger number of kids participating in the clinics during the 2018-19 school year.


Expanding Access to Beekeeping

Grantees: Leonardo Ferris, Grade 12, and Jacqueline Chiu, Grade 10

Faculty Co-Sponsor:  Cathy O’Reilly

This grant expands last year’s successful beekeeping project by introducing surveillance equipment and hive health monitors for observing and tracking the bees more closely.  Buzzboxes will be used to monitor the overall health of the bees and hive and will provide humidity, temperature, and audio readings. These monitors will allow students to make sure the hives are doing well without having to go into the hive. Additionally, the camera will provide an interior view of one hive, with the view fed to a screen display in a public area of MHS. This grant also includes the purchase of three additional bee suits so that more students can participate in beekeeping activities.

Physics Club Initiative

Grantees: Thomas Wiesenberg, Grade 12

Faculty Co-Sponsor:  Elena Filippova

This grant supports the development and work of a new Physics Club at Mamaroneck High School, designed to foster the interests of young physicists and other students interested in science.  The Physics Club plans to start a tradition of competing annually in the United States Invitational Young Physicists Tournament (USIYPT), competing against high schools from across the country in a physics debate based on research questions assigned in advance.  This year, the Club will research and work on three problems, including building a working prototype of a pneumatic tube mail system and researching physics behind extraterrestrial rainbows.  The grant funds will be used to purchase supplies for this work, as well as to host a one-day visit from Mr. Greg Jacobs, the founder and president of the USIYPT tournament. 


Enhancing Photography Experience: A New Photo Studio

Grantees: Anna Epstein, Grade 11

Faculty Co-Sponsor:  Michelle Meier

This grant will fund the development of a Photography Studio at MHS, providing a new environment for learning and experimentation and expanding the opportunity for controlled setting photography by students.  Grant funds will be used to purchase a camera, softboxes, tripods, strobe lighting, and seamless paper, with the studio being set up in repurposed space.

Performing Arts Audition Master Classes

Grantees: Eliana Kraut, Grade 11

Faculty Co-Sponsor:  Zachary Moore

This grant will bring professional performing artists and college professors to MHS to run a series of three Master Classes teaching students how to craft a professional audition. Broadway performers, casting directors, and college professors from NYU and Yale are among the guest instructors. This grant links students with professionals in their field of interest to enable a fuller understanding of a career in the entertainment industry while providing them with the necessary tools to better prepare for auditions.


Technology Enhancement for Calliope Literary and Art Magazine

Grantees: Kate Mason, Grade 12

Faculty Co-Sponsor:  James Short

This grant will provide the funds to buy a dedicated computer with software to create the Calliope Literary and Art Magazine, Mamaroneck High School’s oldest club. The computer and software will increase the efficiency of Calliope team members, including those who do writing, editing, formatting, and provide other forms of creativity and inspiration for this MHS publication.


Mamaroneck Aeronautics and Rocketry Society

Grantees: Leonardo Ferrisi, Grade 12

Faculty Co-Sponsor:  Craig Romanek

Participating in hobby and sport rocketry encourages problem solving skills and an understanding of physics, although it is challenging for students to find a safe outlet for this unique extracurricular activity. This grant provides funds for the support of the Mamaroneck Aeronautics and Rocketry Society. “M.A.R.S.” is a group of MHS students that will build and launch model rockets and participate in team competitions, including the Team America Rocketry Challenge. MSF will supply model rocket engines and key components to enable M.A.R.S. to take off!