Student Grants Awarded





Mamaroneck Schools Foundation

2021-2022 Student Grants


Mamaroneck Public Radio

Grantees: Anna McDonald, Caitlyn Carpenter, Fatimah Khan, Todd Freifeld

Faculty Sponsor: Evan Madin

Mamaroneck Public Radio is a student-led, internet-based radio station. Building on MHS’s history of creating engaging podcasts, this grant will help fund the production, programming, and hosting of radio shows. Students will learn valuable skills unique to radio broadcasting as they use this new medium for sharing news and other content relevant to the MHS community.

“Dr. Wellcare is Always There” Puppet Show

Grantee: Jarvis Savage

Faculty Sponsor: Miriam Murphy

“Dr. Wellcare is Always There” is a series of three puppet shows written and performed by an MHS student meant to educate elementary-aged children about health and medicine in a fun and engaging way. Three classes at Central have had the opportunity to watch performances over Zoom and given rave reviews! This grant will fund diverse puppets and theater supplies for a more robust show experience with the goal of performing the shows for all Kindergarten through Fourth Graders within the District.

OCRA Wage Theft Prevention Initiative

Grantees: Benjamin Kulish, Léa Barry-Thouez, Jack Master

Faculty Sponsor: Joseph Liberti

This OCRA group will promote the Westchester District Attorney's Office wage theft hotline to increase the number of workers who receive the full amount of money that they earned. The grant funds signage and refrigerator magnets to support a large-scale outreach initiative in Mamaroneck. 

OCRA Targeted Book Access

Grantees: Luca Giobbio, Eli Tannenbaum, Griffin McIntyre

Faculty Sponsor: Joseph Liberti

This OCRA initiative aims to increase access to books in targeted areas that have significant numbers of students in Grades 3-5 scoring below grade level in reading. The grant will fund materials to build a tiny free library to be placed in a public location. The OCRA group will coordinate closely with the community in the design and placement of the library. 


Women’s Engineering Mentoring

Grantee: Sarah Lord

Faculty Sponsor: James Love III

Members from the Women’s Engineering Club at MHS will hold an outreach event after school hours at Hommocks Middle School to increase awareness of the engineering process and interest in the MHS engineering elective. Eighth grade girls will work in groups of 3-5 to design a bridge using basic materials. Members of the Engineering Club will offer instruction and mentorship. The grant money will fund the building materials.  

First Gen Motivational Speakers

Grantee:  Melissa Barrios

Faculty Sponsor Name:  Gregory Cuddy (previously Leave Replacement Jenna Perez)

This grant will provide funding for a speaker to present on high school and college readiness for First Generation students. The goal is to encourage First Generation students to engage more deeply with the school community, to appreciate how education can positively impact their future, and to offer a positive role model who has overcome typical challenges faced by First Generation students. The primary audience is Hommocks and MHS students new to the district from Latin America, but other students will be invited to attend as well. 

Mamaroneck Laundromat Libraries

Grantee: Robert De Jager

Faculty Sponsor: Holly Filardi

This student-led initiative is focused on providing families access to board books and K-5 books at three local laundromats in Mamaroneck: EZ Laundry Stop, Wash & Dry, and Prospect Laundry. Funds will enable the grantee to purchase multi-lingual new and used books, bins, and boxes as well as to create multi-lingual signage.  The grantee will hold book drives with the MHS Literacy Club to continue to stock laundromat libraries.

OCRA Backyard Dinner and a Movie Nights

Grantees:  Charles Dirs, Kyle Rozanes, Church Moore

Faculty Sponsor:  Joseph Liberti

Throughout spring and summer weekend evenings, OCRA students will enrich the community by offering backyard film screenings that support the Community Resource Center (CRC), as well as local restaurants.  Families hosting screenings will be asked to donate a minimum of $100 to support the CRC as well as encouraged to order dinner from a local restaurant to support local businesses.  This grant will provide funding for screening equipment that will allow students to double their booking capacity.  Increasing the number of screenings will boost CRC donations and further help restaurateurs, many of whom have struggled during the pandemic.

From a Whisper to a Rallying Cry: The Killing of Vincent Chin and the Trial that Galvanized the Asian American Movement Author Visit with Paula Yoo

Grantee:  Robert De Jager 

Faculty Sponsor:  Craig Goldberg

During Asian American/Pacific Islander Heritage Month (Spring 2022), MHS will host a discussion with acclaimed author, Paula Yoo, for Juniors and other interested students.  From a Whisper to a Rallying Cry documents the story of Vincent Chen and the role his death played in the Asian American and Pacific Islander community and civil rights history.  Among other awards, this book was selected for the May 2022 National Education Association’s Read Across America, as well as selected by The Washington Post and the New York Public Library as one of the Best Children’s Books of 2021.  The Mamaroneck Public Library will co-sponsor the event, which will be livestreamed on Zoom for the community and recorded for future use.  The grant will provide an honorarium, travel expenses (if in-person),  and copies of the book for the MHS library.