Student Grants Awarded





Mamaroneck Schools Foundation

2022-2023 Student Grants




Outdoor Fitness Equipment

Grantee(s):  Michael McManus, Daniel Klarfeld

Faculty Sponsor:  Nicholas Zawerucha

This grant will fund the purchase of outdoor gym equipment, including parallel bars and a pull-up bar, for students to use during the school day, in gym classes, and team workouts.  Because this equipment will be outside, it will be available for use by all students, even when the school gym is closed.



Photography Competition

Grantee(s):  Bennett Weinberg

Faculty Sponsor:  Gwynne Bettencourt

This grant will provide funding for a student photography competition. A Senior Photography Specialist at Sotheby's has volunteered to serve as Judge. The competition will kick off in February 2023, with submissions due in the spring and winners announced in May. Five winners will have high-resolution, 20"x24" Vibrachrome metal prints of their photographs exhibited in the hallways at MHS by June.


Grant 23-03

Debate Team Resources

Grantee(s):  Samantha Siegel, Kira Tretiak

Faculty Sponsor:  Jacob Lee

The Mamaroneck High School Debate Team participates in tournaments throughout the year. Students typically need to purchase their own supplies, including debate stands, legal paper, and accordion folders. This grant will fund the purchase of supplies for 95 Team members, in this way relieving students of this cost burden and allowing students of all economic backgrounds to participate.



TEDx Mamaroneck High School

Grantee(s): Maxwell Robinson, Kara Dillon, Valentin Le Blanc, Mila Llorca Luth, Rohan Gupta, Max Cooper, and Alex Robinson

Faculty Sponsor: Carol Scheffler

This grant will support the Mamaroneck High School TEDx event, scheduled for March 25, 2023. The theme of the event is "Impact," and will feature local residents, students, and teachers discussing issues such as climate change, health crises, and equality. The event will be hosted at Mamaroneck High School for a live audience of approximately 400 people, as well as posted on the TED platforms. This grant funds signage for the TEDx stage.