Teacher Grants By Year





The Mamaroneck Schools Foundation has approved funding of $41,912 for an off cycle grant for a district-wide elementary school STEM Learning initiative for all four elementary schools. 

Elementary STEM Learning Hubs (for ALL MUFSD Elementary Schools)

Grantees: Robert Shaps, Robert Hohn

Purchase of high-tech equipment at each of our elementary buildings, including 3D printers, a vinyl printer/cutter, and kid-friendly building materials to enable authentic, hands-on STEM learning experiences that promote 21st century skills - like collaboration, resilience, and the iterative design thinking process - while helping to create responsible citizens in a multicultural world. Grant also provides for 2 days of setup and training on the equipment by Allegheny Education Systems.




The Mamaroneck Schools Foundation has approved funding for the following slate of seven grants for the 2022-2023 school year. The grants, which total $106,269, will have an impact on the entire community.

The Healing Power of Art
Grantees: Michelle Burton, Madelyn Fortuna

Representational drawing helps students focus and concentrate. Creating and looking at art can also decrease stress, anxiety, and depression. This grant will fund a variety of still life objects and high-quality art supplies for 6th, 7th, and 8th grade students to use in their art classes.

Commercial Dishwashers for Family and Consumer Science (FACS) classrooms
Grantees: Betty Comerford, Melissa DiSanto

This grant will provide two state-of-the-art commercial dishwashers, a utility cart, and three utility bins to the FACS program. Culinary labs have been overhauled since the COVID-19 pandemic, shifting from large groups completing one-batch recipes to individuals collaborating on single-serving recipes. With this shift to individual cooking, dishes and prepware have increased sixfold. Today’s commercial dishwashers use less water, less energy, and wash at higher temperatures than previous models, helping to better sanitize dishes, trays, and prepware. They also will reduce the time that students need for clean-up, leaving more productive time devoted to food preparation.



Creating a Brave Classroom: Anti-Bias and Anti-Racism in Action - Professional
Development for MEELs, Building Equity Team Members presented by Britt Hawthorne
Grantees: Bonnie Sloofman, Leon Whyte, Annie Ward

This grant is being partially funded by the Barbara Bennett-Rones Memorial Endowment and the Diane G. Millstein Endowment.

This grant will fund a tailored professional development workshop with Britt Hawthorne for MEELs (Mamaroneck Equity in Education Leaders) and building equity team members. In line with the goal of the District Equity Plan to facilitate professional development, this workshop will familiarize educators with ABAR (anti-bias/anti-racism) practices and strategies they can use to cultivate inclusive classrooms. The MEELs and equity team members will disseminate the information learned to district faculty and staff. Two follow-up sessions with Britt Hawthorne during the school year will support continued learning. She also will lead a parent session, called “Anti-Bias for Families.” 


Mamaroneck Avenue School Outdoor LED Sign
Grantees: Maria Albano, Sandra Zadrima
This grant will fund a large LED sign to be installed strategically outside of Mamaroneck Avenue School (MAS). It will be a simple yet powerful way for the school and district to communicate important information to parents and other community members. Messages will be updated frequently in both English and Spanish.


STEAM in the Trees
Grantees: Alex Glass, Lauren Scharfstein

This grant will fund engineering and architectural plans to design an outdoor learning space at Chatsworth Elementary School that incorporates playground structures interconnected with nature and STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics) components.


English Language Learners (ELL) Academy
Grantees: Jessica Gordon, Erin Vanacore
This grant will provide funding for an academic enrichment program for incoming 6th-8th graders who are English Language Learners (ELLs). During the summer, the program will give students a head start in literacy, math, and science skills, and offer support while adjusting to a new school. MHS students and former ELL students will work alongside teachers as peer leaders and develop leadership skills. Students will participate in weekly check-ins throughout the school year. Note: this grant will be implemented beginning in the Summer 2023 and during the 2023-24 school year due to scheduled construction at Hommocks in the Summer of 2022.


The Murray Avenue School Collaborative Conference Room
Grantees: Matthew Porricelli, Tina Ponce
This grant will provide funding to re-design the Murray Avenue computer lab into a collaborative conference room. It will incorporate a White Walls system, collaborative tables, and a flexible design to complement the school’s separate investment in an interactive Newline Display. The new space will provide a dedicated space for teachers, administrators, and students to work collaboratively. Additionally, teachers and administrators will use this space for team meetings, grade level meetings, and professional development. Students also will use the room on a regular basis for small-group collaboration projects and for learning experiences that happen outside of school hours.