Teacher Grants By Year





The Mamaroneck Schools Foundation has approved funding for the following slate of ten grants for the 2023-2024 school year. The grants, which total $111,114, will have an impact on the entire community.


Holy Smoke: A Smoker and Wood Chips for the Culinary Arts Lab

Grantee(s): Bryan Luff, Mario Washington

School: Mamaroneck High School

This grant will provide the Culinary Arts Lab with a new smoker enabling the students in Culinary classes and the Culinary Arts Club to master the art of hot and cold food smoking. The smoker will enhance the Culinary program by exposing students to alternative methods of food preparation and preservation, as well as outdoor cooking experiences.


Child Study Room Renovation

Grantee(s): Joanne Hindley, Ilene Zucker

School: Central School

Central School’s Child Study Room will be renovated with expansive whiteboard walls, moveable tables, rolling chairs, and a fresh coat of paint. The new flexible and innovative workspace will enable greater collaboration, benefiting teachers, administrators, support staff, parents, and students.


An Ear-Resistible Approach to Reading in Kindergarten

Grantee(s): Mindy Friedman, Danielle Beshar, KellyAnn Trombley

School: Central School

This grant will fund updates to the listening centers in Central School Kindergarten classrooms. Listening to stories introduces students to vocabulary above their decoding levels and helps students to develop critical auditory comprehension skills. Each classroom will have a “hub” where students can listen to stories using wireless headphones. The grant will also fund low tables and flexible seating to promote group listening experiences.


Soundscape: Enriching the Acoustic Environment in Central’s LGI

Grantee(s): Ethan Wojcik, Kayleigh Junz, Jaclyn Elliot, Ilene Zucker

School: Central School

This grant will enrich the acoustic environment of Central School’s performance space, known as the LGI. Funds will be used to create a more vibrant and immersive sound experience for students and families through the addition of new speakers, subwoofers, soundboard, wireless microphones, and choir microphones. This audio equipment is portable, allowing it to be used for indoor and outdoor performances.


Celebrating Cultural Contributions Throughout History

Grantee(s): Maureen Montone, Anna Grippo

School: Murray Avenue School

This grant will enhance the 4th grade Social Studies curriculum at the Murray Avenue School. Teachers will collaborate with consultant Cheryl McGinnis to create immersive touchstone experiences that will help students build a culturally-inclusive understanding of the history of New York and the United States. Working with Ms. McGinnis, teachers will learn approaches that can be incorporated into the District’s curriculum going forward.


Reimagining the Central Library

Grantee(s): Ilene Zucker, Joanne Hindley

School: Central School

This grant will fund an essential first step in redesigning the library at Central School. The District’s preferred architectural firm, LAN Associates, will collaborate with building and District administrators to develop a schematic interior design concept. If the design is subsequently enacted, it will transform the library into a reimagined space for 21st Century teaching and learning. The schematic will also incorporate furniture funded by a prior MSF grant.


Kindergarten Fine Motor Centers

Grantee(s): Bess Rathbone, Sandra Zadrima

School: Mamaroneck Avenue School

This grant will fund the development of Fine Motor Centers for Kindergarten classrooms at the Mamaroneck Avenue School. These Centers will provide students with tools that promote finger strength, hand strength, eye-hand coordination, and motor planning, all of which support the development of  handwriting skills. In these Centers, students will engage in both guided and free-choice activities.


Creating a Therapeutic Environment for TASC (Therapeutic & Academic Support Class)

Grantee(s): Ronald Blain, Marni Ross

School: Mamaroneck High School

The TASC program serves MHS students who are emotionally fragile. This grant will fund the purchase of furniture that will create a warm, welcoming, and safe space for TASC students when they are unable to attend mainstream classes. The new surroundings will help reduce anxiety and support emotional and behavioral regulation.

*This grant is partially funded by the Barbara Bennett-Rones Memorial Endowment.


“Stepping With Positivity” Mural Project

Grantee(s): Mary Grainzvolt-Moran, Jennifer Solomon

School: Chatsworth Avenue School

This grant will fund a multi-faceted mural project that will beautify and accent the main entrance, staircases, and specialist spaces of Chatsworth Avenue School. In addition, the murals will showcase the shared vision of belonging at Chatsworth. These areas will be transformed into spaces of beauty, positivity, and creativity, thereby supporting a feeling of wellness and vitality among students, faculty, and staff.


Mamaroneck UFSD BIPOC Affinity Groups Learning Through Exploration of History, Culture, and Community - Trip to Washington, DC

Grantee(s): Keila Brigandi Reyes, Zoé Ruiz, Kimberly Omoloju, Amary Seck, Leon Whyte

School: Mamaroneck High School, Hommocks Middle School

This student-driven trip to Washington, D.C. will bring together the Hommocks and MHS BIPOC affinity groups for an experience that will nurture peer-to-peer relationships across schools. Building on conversations facilitated during monthly BIPOC affinity group meetings, students will visit the National Museum of African American History and Culture: A Smithsonian Museum, Howard University – a Historically Black College/University, the United States Capitol, and other landmarks where the country’s elected officials work to make policies and laws that impact all citizens.



In addition, the Mamaroneck Schools Foundation has approved funding for two off-cycle grants totaling $33,923.

Robotics in an Expanded MUFSD Elementary STEM Program
Grantees: Robert Shaps, Robert Hohn
Last spring, the MSF approved a generous off-cycle grant to assist with the launch of the new Elementary STEM program. Throughout the grant’s implementation, the team not only achieved the original grant goals but also identified cost-saving efficiencies along the way. The remaining funds from O23-01 along with the funds granted in this new off-cycle grant will be used to purchase three types of Sphero robots as well as the vertically-articulated CS Foundations Curriculum to support the computer science strand of STEM in all four Elementary STEM Learning Labs.

Hommocks Outdoor Play Space

Grantees: Robert Shaps, Albert Sackey

Hommocks Middle School has 1200+ students that need an appropriate outdoor recess space for their mental and physical well-being. MUFSD, in collaboration with the non-profit Fields for Kids, will transform the parking lot behind HMX to provide adequate play space with fitness equipment, a full-size basketball court, obstacle course, four square, game tables and seating for students to socialize. This area will be used by the HMX Physical Education classes and will also be open to the community outside of school hours. This grant will provide funding towards play equipment for the HOPS project.