Student Grant Application

The grant application consists of two parts, the grant application form and the budget spreadsheet, both of which will be linked at the bottom of this page on May 1. Set forth below is a preview of the questions included in the grant application form. You should work on your responses to these questions and, once final, click on the links to complete and submit the application. Please refer to the Student Grant Guidelines for additional information.



General Information:


Name of Grant

Student Name, Grade, Email            

Faculty Co-Sponsor Name (required, must be a District employee), Position, School, Email      


Grant Proposal:


1. Attach Budget Page. Provide total amount of funds requested.

2. Provide a description of your project, including why it is important for the District, students, teachers, and/or staff.

3. Is any other school, organization or individual involved in assisting with preparation of this application or any aspect of the proposed project?

4. If other funding may be available to offset the amount of this grant request (e.g. from the school, PTA, the District, government grant, individual, or other organization), have you or do you intend to seek such funding? 

5. If this will be an ongoing program, how do you intend to fund it? Do not assume that MSF will be able to provide future funding.

6. Define the specific benefits/outcomes of this grant for students in the District and any other persons or organizations. 

7. Implementation Period (awarded funds become available in December and grant must be completed by June).

8. How will this grant be implemented? Include any requirements to re-organize classroom or other space. If any assistance will be provided by anyone not on District staff, please explain.


Grant Evaluation:


1. How will you measure the effectiveness of this project?

2. Identify the number of students/teachers impacted.

3. How long are the benefits of the grant expected to be enjoyed by the students/staff?



Sign Off:

A sign off is required for every Grant Proposal.

Please confirm that your school principal or appropriate District-level supervisor has approved this project.


Additional Sign Off:

Additional sign off is required for Grant Proposals that meet certain criteria.


If the proposed grant will alter the facilities in any manner, please confirm that the District’s Director of Facilities has approved this project including any District-required resources.



If the proposed grant has a technology component, please confirm that the appropriate Instructional Technology Coach has approved this project, including any District required resources.


If the proposed grant includes teaching tools (e.g., instructional software, assessments), please confirm that the Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum and Instruction has approved this project.

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