Student Grant Program - Guidelines 

What is the MSF Student Grant Program? 

The Mamaroneck Schools Foundation (MSF) student grant program gives MHS students the opportunity to bring innovative learning experiences into the Mamaroneck School District. Each year, MSF typically awards $8,000-$10,000 in student grants. Click here to view past MSF student grants. 

Application Process & Timeline


1/29/24 Student grant process opens for 2024-25 cycle


2/26/24 Notice of Interest Form Due


Week of 

2/26/24 Applicant meetings with one of the MSF Student Grant Liaisons 


4/2/24 Full Student Grant Applications Due

(Note: all grant ideas must be approved by Principal Lina Carolini-Cannavò prior to submission)



June MSF Grant Selection Committee Reviews Applications


6/10/24 Applicants notified of MSF Grant Selection Committee decision 

(Grant decisions become final when the MUFSD Board of education votes to accept the recommended grant slate on 6/18/24)


6/25/24 Signed Grant Contracts Due


Who can apply for an MSF Student Grant?

Any Mamaroneck High School student currently in grades 9-11. Note: each application is required to have a Faculty Sponsor when they submit their Full Grant Application due April 2. (See below for more information.)

What types of ideas can be funded through a MSF student grant?


Grant ideas may include curriculum enhancements, new technologies, equipment/materials, events, guest speakers, and/or business ideas aimed at improving student life or learning. Proposals are more likely to be funded if they:

  • are unique and innovative;
  • complement or enhance existing District initiatives;
  • stand to positively impact a large number of students; and
  • can be completed by June 2025.


NOTE: MSF does not fund:

  • Items that are commonly within the scope of the regular operating budget of the District, including salaries.
  • Refreshments for events and programs.
  • Any type of prize money or gift

**Please note, grant applications for repeat programs or initiatives are discouraged.


How do I apply? 


Step 1: Submit your Notice of Interest Form due on February 26


The Notice of Interest Form provides MSF with some initial information about your intended grant application, including a short description of your grant idea and an estimated budget. 


NOTE: MSF WANTS TO HEAR YOUR IDEAS! Feel free to submit your idea - at whatever stage it is in. You do not need to have all the details worked out for the Notice of Interest. MSF is here to help guide you through the grant application process.


Step 2: Meet with MSF Student Grant Liaison during week of February 26


After MSF reviews your Notice of Interest Form submission, each applicant will meet by phone or Zoom with one of the MSF Student Grant Liaisons (Alison Gottsegan or Bonnie Weinbach). At this meeting, you will learn if your grant idea is potentially fundable under our mission. 


If your idea is potentially fundable, you will also be provided with: 

  • Specific feedback regarding approvals you will need from the district administration prior to submission of your full grant application. 
  • Helpful guidance for completing your Full Student Grant Application.


If your idea does not fall within MSF’s mission, you will be provided with:

  • An explanation why your idea falls outside MSF’s mission.
  • An opportunity to evolve your idea into one that is potentially fundable prior to the submission of the Full Grant Application.


** Note: in the time between completing the Notice of Interest Form and the submission of your final Full Student Grant Application, your project idea may evolve and change in scope. **


Step 3: Submit your Full Student Grant Application due on April 2


Taking the information you received in Step 2, you can proceed to work on and then submit the Full Student Grant Application via the the online Full Student Grant Application Form. A detailed budget using the MSF Budget Sheet is required.



  • All Full Student Grant Applications require the approval of Principal Lina Carolini-Cannavò BEFORE submission.
  • Other approvals may be necessary; see detailed information on approvals below. Obtaining the necessary approvals required for your grant idea can take some time. Begin communicating with the appropriate district administrator(s) early in the grant application process. Work with your faculty sponsor to help get a timely response. 

What resources are available to help me in the application process?


MSF Student Grant Faculty Liaison Lainie Lichtenstein, Counselor at MHS, is available to discuss grant proposal ideas or if you need help identifying a teacher or administrator to serve as your faculty sponsor.


MSF Student Grant Liaisons Alison Gottsegan and Bonnie Weinbach are available to discuss grant proposal ideas, clarify MSF funding areas, preview your draft application, and respond to your questions.


What is a Faculty Sponsor? 


Each applicant is required to have a Faculty Sponsor, who is a teacher or administrator that supports your grant idea and who will assist you in the grant application and implementation process. Specifically, the Faculty Sponsor should review your application and budget prior to submission by the April 2 deadline. If granted, Faculty Sponsors: (1) assist with the ordering of materials and facilitate purchase orders through the District; and (2) periodically check in with the student grantee to monitor progress and provide support as needed. 


If you would like assistance identifying a Faculty Sponsor, contact Lainie Lichtenstein.


What approvals do I need to get before I submit the Full Student Grant Application?​


All Full Student Grant Applications must be approved by Principal Lina Carolini-Cannavò BEFORE submission. 

  • Best Practice Tip: Check in with Ms. Carolini-Cannavò well before application is due to share your grant idea and be sure it is permissible from the school’s standpoint. 

Depending on your grant idea, you may also need the following approvals before submission. Your Faculty Sponsor and the MSF Student Grant Liaison can help identify whether you need to seek other approvals.

  • The District’s Director of Facilities, Steve Brugge, needs to review and approve any grant that will alter school facilities.

  • An Instructional Technology Coach needs to review and approve any grant with a technology component. This is to be sure that (i) classrooms can accommodate the technology, (ii) all peripheral components are also requested in the budget and application (i.e. power cords, surge protectors, carts, converters, mounting equipment, etc.), and (iii) requests are consistent with District technology goals. 

  • The Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum and Instruction, Jeffrey Moore* (*starting in the District on or before April 1, 2024), needs to review and approve any grant involving professional development (e.g., conferences, consultants) or teaching tools (e.g., instructional software, assessments).



How do I complete the Budget?


A completed Budget Sheet must be submitted as part of the Full Student Grant Application. Please work with your faculty sponsor to develop your budget and complete the Budget Sheet.


  • All costs associated with the grant, including shipping costs, must be included in the Budget Sheet. (Be sure to check with the vendor regarding shipping cost if it is not clearly indicated on your price quote.)
  • Budget Sheet should include one well-vetted, cost-effective price quote. 
  • All technology must be ordered through the New York State Department of Education approved price list. 
  • Every effort should be made to ensure that price quotes remain valid through June 1, 2025.


Your faculty sponsor can contact the District Purchasing Agent, Lauren Leone, with any budget-related questions.


I submitted my grant. When will I hear back?


The MSF Grant Selection Committee will review your application in April and May. The Committee will email you with any questions or for any additional information needed to evaluate your application. It is important that you promptly respond to the questions asked by the Committee in order for the Committee to have the information it needs to properly review your application. The Committee will then make its recommendation to the MSF Board, which will vote on whether to fund the grant on June 10. You will be notified as to whether your grant has been approved after that meeting.


My grant was approved. Now what?


Congratulations! Now you and your faculty sponsor will enter into a grant contract with MSF and the District regarding the use of funds. 

The faculty sponsor will be the main point of contact during grant implementation and will direct you to additional help as needed. Please check in with your faculty sponsor routinely to ensure you are keeping up with your timeline and address any issues that arise.

Each student grantee will be assigned an MSF Grant Liaison. The Liaison will reach out periodically to find out how the project is going.

After June 10: Work with your Faculty Sponsor to review a project timeline. 

By June 16: Prepare a 20-30 second video clip about your grant. The video will be shown at the MUFSD Board of Education (“BOE”) Meeting scheduled for Tuesday, June 18, when MSF plans to present the slate of student grants to the BOE.

June 18-25: Meet with your MSF Liaison to review and sign your contract.

July 15: Grant funds are available for use. All purchases need to be coordinated by Lauren Leone, the District Purchasing Agent.

July 15, 2024 – June 1, 2025: Complete execution of your grant. Submit a mid-year grant report in December (via Google Form, which will be emailed to you) and a final grant report in June (again, via a Google Form, which will be emailed to you). Capture photos and videos along the way and submit to your MSF Liaison.

Student Grant Application