There are many volunteer opportunities at MSF that can serve your interests, and skills. Opportunities vary in time commitment and include a range of projects, such as event planning, design, fundraising, marketing, financial management, and grant management. Contact us at info@mamaroneckschoolsfoundation.org to learn more.


Attend a meeting

The Mamaroneck Schools Foundation board and advisory board holds open meetings monthly at Mamaroneck High School from September to June, meeting dates are listed on the Calendar page.  This is an excellent opportunity to see the board members in action while learning about all of the activities involved with MSF.


Volunteer for an event or committee

MSF holds several large events each year at which volunteers are needed and welcome. In the fall, MSF holds its annual Jr Triathlon at which parents and community members are needed during the planning phase as well as on the day of the event. In the Spring, volunteers can serve on the planning committee of our annual Spring Benefit. 


Join the Advisory Board

After learning more about the Foundation through volunteering, you may express an interest in joining our Advisory Board, with the requirement of spending a minimum of ten hours on MSF activities throughout the year.